rail cartoon

The day book. (Chicago, Ill August 31, 1916
Strikebreaking agencies are finding it ‘mighty hard to get strikebreakers for duty in case the threat
of a  railroad strike becomes a reality. Tempting offers are being made to land the men who are out of jobs.
A big price will be paid for crews to man trains that otherwise will stand idle. The railroads will be out to
fight to a finish and they want men, or bums, or sluggers, or anybody, to help them fight union labor. But theme they are after will be right hardtop get. One agency that started outdo land 1,000 men got as high as little over the 300 mark and then got stuck.

The reason for all this plainly lies in the results that have come in pre
vinous strikes about the country in hiring men for strike duty.
The average strikebreaker ‘is looked .upon by the general public with hateful eyes. Anything to get a dollar. He has “been called a low coward and spineless human being. One man who
worked as a strikebreaker all over the country for years finally gave it up, explaining that the work was
getting “too dirty” for him. So is it any wonder that the employment agencies have been having hard time landing men for strike duty in the probable railroad strike? Results so far make it look as if the
class of men who will do such work are falling off rapidly. And that is
something toward advancement and betterment.