The day book. (Chicago, Ill.)  February 29, 1912

By Dean WalterT. Sumner.
Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul,
A Curse is resting-upon this na
tion -because of the re-marriage
of divorced people.
I know that there are many
appeals in of justice for
re-marriage of the’innocent party.
Such stories come to me every
day. But society must protect
itself, even if’ the few surfer for
the good of ‘the-masses.
Greece was famous only so long
as she emphasized the sanctity
ofthehomex The same is-true of
Rome and of all the’ medieval
” It .spells the decadence of this
nation when we regard the mari
tal relations flippantly, something
to be entered into lightly and
wjth out the fear of God.
The hinge of society is mar
riage and family life, yet that is
the one phase -of society and re
ligion which we are prone to
That marriage is a divine in
stitution is too often overlooked
today. A thing of beauty, a fleet
ing fancy, these, are reasons
enough, and When the beauty
fades, the fancy passes, small
wonder there is nothing left.
We insist that a peddler along
the streets have someone to vouch
for him before we issue a license
for him to sell his’ wares. But
any man can pass his name and
that of an unknown female
throughthe window, and-without
question, receive a marriage
license. ‘” ‘ .