Letter Writing Scheme of Head of the ‘Hobo Union Is Most Novel Way of Celebrating Washington’s
Birthday 400,000 Wandering Sons to Tell a the Folks at Home Where They Ate. Washington’s Birthday will be celebrated tomorrow as never before. Four hundred’ thousand “homeless
wanderers in this country will write home.

The lost trails of the Nomadic thousands will come out iof the wilderness tomorrow and merge with
the beaten highway of civilized life where home and friends, regular meals and respectability have their
routine. Jeff Davis, king of the hoboe’s, who rules 400,00 subjects and 33 lesser kingdoms, known as locals (if there be such a, thing as a local for a hobo
has sent out the word, and even the gay cat, stew bum,.yeggv plain tramp and ‘bindle -stiff will hear,”
Jeff reached Portland, Ore., recently and found “a mail” Waiting him. He took off  his battered over
coat, laid aside (that walking stick rolled up his sleeves and piled into the mail.

There were about 50 letters from mothers all over the country asking. Him to help them locate their boys. (Last year the Hobo union sent home 600 wanderers.)
“Say, this thing has to stop right here,” said Jeff when he got through all those heart-breaking appeals.
“These ginks are going to write home and they are going to do it right away.” And what Jeff Davis
says GOES in the Homeless Army. So now the word is going to the 33 locals throughout the country and
thence to the 400,000 homeless.