Homestead_riot_harpers_3c26046v Picture From Wickipedia As the United States became more and more industrialized strikes became more common. Records of strikes can be useful to the Genealogist if you can connect a strike with a family member. So how do  you connect?

How to  link to an ancestor who might have been involved in a strike.  Lets say your ancestor’s name was  Fred Northway and you know he lived in St Louis 1n 1906 because of a marriage record that you have. Lets look at the Directory of Strikes in the column to the right in this page.  As an example lets assume that your ancestor lived in St. Louis Missouri in 1900 but you don’t know where he worked in St. Louis.  You look at the column to the right and scroll down to 1900 and you see that their was a strike in 1900 involving The St. Louis Streetcar.  How do you  find out if he was connected? 1.  You check  the 1900 Federal census  and find out that he was employed by the streetcar company. but you  don’t know the details. 2.  You check for newspaper records for his name and find out that “It is said that Gov. Folk has decided to commute the sentence of Fred Northway to expire in May. Northway was one of the striking employees engaged in the great St. Louis street-car strike of 1900, and was convicted of blowing up the tracks of the TransitCo. Northway was a Callaway county boy and comes of a good family. The labor unions of the state have been especially anxious to have him set free. You have just answered a lot of questions you had about this ancestor.  You have also created a lot of new questions that need to be answered.

This is when we suggest you take our course on advanced research.

17TH & 18TH CENTURY STRIKES STRIKES 1600-1800 List_of_strikes Seventeenth century Date Strike Location 1619 Polish craftsmen strike Jamestown, Virginia colony 1636 Indentured Servants’ and Fisherman’s Mutiny Province of Maine 1661 Virginia’s Indentured Servants’ Plot Virginia colony Province of New York 1684 New York City Carters’ Strike Province of New York Eighteenth century Date Strike Location 1741 New York City Bakers’ Strike New York City, Province of New York 1763 Charleston Chimney Sweepers’ Strike Charleston, Province of Carolina 1766 Real del Monte Silver Miners’ Strike Mineral del Monte, Mexico 1768 Florida Indentured Servants’ Revolt East Florida 1768 New York City Tailors’ Strike New York City, Province of New York 1774 Hibernia, New Jersey, Ironworks Strike Hibernia, Province of New Jersey 1786 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Printers Strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1787 Calton Weavers Strike Calton, Glasgow, Scotland 1791 Philadelphia Carpenters – First Strike in the U.S. building trades Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States 1792 Philadelphia River Pilots’ Strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Nineteenth century 1800–1849

Date Strike Location
1806 Philadelphia shoemakers’ strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
1824 Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Textile Strike Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States
1825 Boston House Carpenters’ Strike Boston, Massachusetts, United States
1827 Philadelphia Carpenters’ Strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Cocheco Mills Strike (1828, Dover, New Hampshire, U.S.)
  • Paterson, New Jersey, Textile Strike (1828, U.S.)
  • Lynn, Massachusetts, Shoebinders’ Protest (1831, U.S.)
  • Boston Ship Carpenters’ Ten-hour Strike (1832, U.S.)
  • Lynn. Massachusetts, Shoebinders’ Protest (1833, U.S.)
  • Manayunk. Pennsylvania, Textile Protest (1833, U.S.)
  • New York City Carpenters’ Strike (1833, U.S.)
  • Lowell Massachusetts, Mill Women’s Strike (1834, U.S.)
  • Manayunk Pennsylvania, Textile Protest (1834, U.S.)
  • 1835 Boston Carpenters Strike (1835, U.S.)
  • 1835 Philadelphia General Strike (1835, U.S.)
  • 1835 Paterson Textile Strike (1835, U.S.)
  • Lowell Massachusetts, Mill Women’s Strike (1836, U.S.)
  • New York City Tailors’ Strike (1836, U.S.)
  • Philadelphia Bookbinders’ Strike (1836, U.S.)
  • Kashmiri Silk Workers protests on July 6, 1847
  • Burra Copper Miners’ Strike (1848, Australia)