The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) June 09, 1913,

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The first number of the “Hobo News, dedicated to the interests ofthe hoboes of America, was published
Saturday. The editor of the new paper is Dr.Axel Gustafson, the assistant editorsare S. F. Cleveland, J. A. Smith and August Schiermeyer.

The new paper wjll he the official  organ of the International Brother
hood Welfare Association, of which James Eads How, M. JX, the St.Louis millionaire hobo, is national
chairman pro tem. The first page of the “Hobo” News is ‘given over to a cartoon showing
organized, labor and unorganized labor struggling against itself, and bound by the chain of starvation wages, injunctions, child labor, the high “cost of living, lockouts, private ownership and partisan politics.
Underneath the cartoon is the folowing verse from Longfellow:'”There is a poor, blind Samson in
this land, Shorn of his strength and bound in bonds of steel,
Who may, in some grim revel, raisehis hand, And shake the pillars of this com
monwealth Till the vast temple of ‘our liberties, A shapeless mass of wreck and rub
bish lies.”