The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, December 09, 1916,

The International Hobo College will begin its first semester of the 1916-17 college year with a meeting
Sunday night, at which many prominent people of the city will be guests.

The college has quarters at 917 W. Washington blvd. in a large building
it has leased and fitted out. The world requires the labor of mi
gratory workers. They go from place to place where farm or factory needs them most for a while, only to turn them loose with scant change and small thanks when the need is full
filled. To such workers has been given the name “hobo,” which should
not be confused with the words “tramp” or “bum.” One of the
objects of the Hobo College will be to make the word “hobo” a name of
honor, like the name of any other necessary profession, business or trade.
The college is a serious institution with a serious intent. It will instruct
its students, expected to number several hundred, in a better knowledge
of the English language, in law, the art of writing, personal hygeine, san
itation, parley and debate. Among those who will speak at the opening of the college Sunday night
will be Health Commissionner John Dill Robertson, Aid. Wm. E, Rodriguez, Miss Mary O’Reilly, Rev. Irwin St John
Tucker and Michael, C. Walsh. Walsh is superintendent of the
college; the funds to found were furnished by Jas. Eads HOW,
millionaire hobo.