Vanished is a genealogy site established in 1996. Owned and operated by professional Genealogists its purpose is to provide reliable help to those who are just starting their Genealogy project.  Some of the advantages we offer include:

  • Access to real time audio video consultant help using zoom technology (membership required  One 15 minute consultant is free))
  • Regular monthly online  topic forums  using zoom (registration required  no charge for attendance)
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  • Wide range of classes taught online in real time audio video. ( fee for class)


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As we begin to build this section with your help we will start with groupings that  are broad in scope

15 years ago began working on a database of the names and backgrounds of people in the United States that are not easy to find because of the culture and lifestyle that they were a part of they include

  •  Hobo’s who drifted  from job to job
  • Inmates of institutions and prisons

In addition Vanished has developed a  search capability to help you locate  these people  in the United States from 1880
to 1945.

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