History of Clothing 19th Century U.S. HATS, bonnets,caps1800,1801,1809, 1800s A Bibliography of Fashion links As you look at  the following reference sites remember that these styles of clothing were worn by middle and upper class individuals. Most people wore clothing that was far simpler and cheaper.



19th century Marriage Manuals

19th Century Utopian communities in the United States  If you are having trouble finding  ancestor checking out Utopian communities might give you a lead

Children in the 19th century

The evolution of the American Family

Multi Generational Families in 19th century America
Steven Ruggles is Regents Professor of History and Population Studies at the University of Minnesota, and the Director of the Minnesota Population Center.

Women and the Early Industrial Revolution


On Marriage

The Indian advocate. ([Sacred Heart, Okla.]) , June 01, 1909 THE INDIAN ADVOCATE 217 TRIAL MARRIAGES. Address given by the Editor at Okmulgee, Okla. April 22, 1909 Few people know and few further reflect to what extremes the radicals of today are pushing their social...

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On Marriage

The day book. (Chicago, Ill.)  February 29, 1912 By Dean WalterT. Sumner. Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, Chicago. A Curse is resting-upon this na tion -because of the re-marriage of divorced people. I know that there are many appeals in the.name of justice for...

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